Eligibility Criteria:
Candidates must have completed a bachelor's degree (e.g., B.A., B.Sc., B.Com) from a recognized university.

Some institutions may also accept candidates with a master's degree.

The minimum percentage required in the qualifying degree can vary, but it generally ranges from 50% to 55%. Some institutions may offer relaxation in the percentage for reserved categories (e.g., SC/ST/OBC).
PXVJ+3GG, Bijay, Saraikela Sini, PS : Saraikela Anchal, Saraikela-Kharsawan, Jharkhand, India

About The Course

A Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) is an undergraduate professional degree program designed to prepare students for careers in teaching and education. The course typically focuses on teaching methodologies, educational psychology, curriculum development, and classroom management. It aims to equip future educators with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills needed to effectively teach and manage students at various educational levels, such as primary, secondary, or higher secondary education. The B.Ed program often includes a combination of coursework and practical teaching experiences, such as student teaching or internships, to provide hands-on experience in real classroom settings.

The features of a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) program include:


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