Vision Mission And Values

The Vision of Institute for Education is to build a strong foundation in the realm of education and social upliftment where the stakeholders of IFE and the students from all walks of life rise from the darkness of ignorance to reach till the zenith of enlightenment. “तमसो मां ज्योतिर्गमय” , the motto of the organization envisions the holistic development of the society by and large.

Institute for Education, a progeny of the Educational and Social Development Trust, aims to achieve perfection and excellence in education and learning through practice and training. It has also modelled its team which works diligently to empower the seekers of extraordinary education. This empowerment builds a society that has youth with erudition. The mission in objective terms is:

The importance of Values and Morals is sky-high when it comes to talking about the Institute for Education. We, at IFE give a lot of prominence to virtues like honesty, diligence, courtesy, punctuality and respect towards women. Moral is the life-line of the body called Character. Someone has rightly said, “If you lose money, you lose nothing. If you lose health, you lose half. And, if you lose character, you lose everything.” Through moral values, we at IFE impart quality education and try to develop an individual to become an unbiased leader who values courage and truth.
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