Kolhan University


Institute For Education is proudly affiliated with Kolhan University, Chaibasa. Established in 2009, Kolhan University has quickly become a leading institution in Jharkhand, dedicated to promoting academic excellence and providing high-quality education. Our affiliation with Kolhan University signifies a commitment to upholding the rigorous academic standards and guidelines set by the university, ensuring that our curriculum, examination processes, and degree certifications are both current and relevant.

The affiliation ensures that our academic programs are aligned with the high standards required for accreditation and recognition at both national and international levels. Our courses and syllabi are periodically updated in accordance with the guidelines provided by Kolhan University, enabling our students to receive an education that keeps pace with industry and academic advancements. The examinations conducted under the supervision of Kolhan University ensure a fair and standardized evaluation process, adding credibility and value to the degrees awarded by Institute For Education.

Kolhan University encourages research and innovation, providing our faculty and students with numerous opportunities to engage in various research projects and scholarly activities. The affiliation also allows access to Kolhan University’s extensive resources, including libraries, laboratories, and research facilities, thereby enhancing the overall learning experience of our students.

Degrees conferred by Institute For Education under the affiliation of Kolhan University are recognized and respected across various sectors, paving the way for further education and employment opportunities globally. By being affiliated with Kolhan University, Institute For Education is dedicated to fostering academic excellence, promoting research, and contributing to the holistic development of our students. We strive to create an educational environment that not only imparts knowledge but also prepares students to meet the challenges of the modern world.
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