The aim of the Library is to cater to the information needs of our Faculty, Research Scholars, Students and its other Members. It is the heart of the institution and acts as a center for the collection of literature predominantly related to labour relations, management and its allied subjects. And, intends to develop a comprehensive collection of information that is useful for teaching, research and learning purpose. User satisfaction is the current day approach to library services. To keep pace with the modern developments in the arena of library, the library has been automated and hybrid RFID& EM system has been installed.
IFE encourages the use of its Library for professional purposes. Visitors / Outsiders who wish to consult the Library are allowed only after obtaining prior permission from the Director, Dean (A&F) and Librarian with an introduction letter from the organization/institution concerned, to which they are attached. Membership will automatically cease in case of any violation of the rules, and Librarian has the right to terminate any membership without giving any reasons.
At Institute for Education, a total of 4706 number of books, 77 educational journals and 11 encyclopedia.

From e-books to bound volumes of periodicals to video cassettes and DVDs, IFE's library is well-equipped with a vast collection of study and reference material.
Library provides issue and return of books; CDs and other documents for its user's. PG student can borrow 4 books at a time for ten days whereas Fellow students can avail 10 books for 1 month. Full time faculties are entitled for 50 books at a time for 3 months and Part time faculty can have 10 books per course for a period of 1 month respectively. Non-teaching staff are authorized to take 4 books for one month.