Green Campus

Environment Best Practice

We work within the framework of the Energy & Environment Policy and consider the environment as a ‘living’ entity that we sustain and protect even as we go about our daily activities.

Environment and Energy Policy

Institute for Education endeavors to promote community welfare, environmental protection and efficient energy use to a level of performance that moves “beyond compliance”. Striving to set a benchmark on a National and International level for education, healthcare, environment and energy management. IFE is committed to cleaner and greener campuses*. To realize this vision, the University commits to:
Institutionalize best practices, comply with applicable laws, regulations, and other recognized requirements related to environment and energy use and where practicable exceed them.
Preventing pollution by continually monitoring and improving its environmental and energy performance by provision of resources to achieve set objectives and targets
Establish and maintain management systems to improve energy performance and to minimize harmful effects on environment, human health and safety
Promote use of clean, safe and energy efficient technologies in order to utilize natural resources efficiently
Encourage transparency and communication of its commitment to sustainable development, simultaneously increasing awareness amongst its stakeholders as well as the community at large
Foster education, research and information exchange on energy and environmental development to move toward global sustainability *Includes main campus, off campus and off shore campuses.

Key Focus Area

• Waste management
• Water management
• Energy management
• Air quality and Green cover