D. El. Ed

02 / Diploma In Elementary Education


In these Regulations, unless the context otherwise requires:

  1.    The aim of elementary education is to fulfill the basic learning needs of all children in an inclusive school environment bridging social and gender gaps with the active participation of the community The programme aims at preparing teachers for elementary stage of education that is Classes I to VII/VIII.
  2.   The elementary teacher education programme carries different nomenclatures like BTC, Diploma in Education, TTC and so on. Both the duration of training and entry qualifications of the course are same, hence, nomenclature of the course shall be same (D.El.Ed) across all states.


  1. Duration : The elementary teacher education programme shall be of duration of two academic years.
  2. Working Days :
    1. There shall be at least two hundred working days each year exclusive of the period of examination and admission, out of which at least forty days shall be for practice teaching/skill development in nearby primary schools.
    2. The institution shall work for a minimum of thirty six hours in a week (five or six days), during which physical presence in the institution of all the teachers and student teachers is necessary to ensure their availability for individual advice, guidance, dialogues and consultation as and when needed.


  1. Intake : There shall be a basic unit of fifty students, for each year. However, the District Institute of Education & Training (DIETs)/ District Resource Centres (DRCs) sanctioned under the Centrally Sponsored Scheme on Teaching Education could be sanctioned a maximum intake of two hundred subject to fulfillment of other requirements.
  2. Eligibility :
    1. Candidates with at least 50% marks in the senior secondary (+2) or its equivalent examination are eligible for admission.
    2. The reservation for SC/ST/OBC and other categories shall be as per the rules of the Central Government / State Government, whichever is applicable. There shall be relaxation of 5% marks in favour of SC/ST/OBC and other categories of candidates.
  3. Admission Procedure : Admission shall be made on merit on the basis of marks obtained in the qualifying examination and/or in the entrance examination or any other selection process as per the policy of the State Government /UT Administration.
  4. Fees : The institution shall charge only such fee as prescribed by the affiliating body / state government concerned in accordance with provisions of NCTE (Guidelines for Regulations of tuition fees and other fees chargeable by unaided teacher education institutions) Regulations, 2002, as amended from time to time and shall not charge donations, capitation fee etc from the students.


  1. The minimum attendance of students shall be 80% of all course work including practicum and 90% for school internship.
  2. If a student represents his/her institution, University, State or Nation in Sports, NCC, NSS or Cultural or any other officially sponsored activities, he/she shall be eligible to claim the attendance for the actual number of days participated subject to a maximum of 20 days in a Semester based on the specific recommendations of the Head of the Department and Principal of the College concerned.
  3. A student who does not satisfy the requirements of attendance shall not be permitted to take appear in the Semester end examinations.


  1. Every Student of the D.El.Ed. Course is required to be enrol / Register in the beginning of the 1st semester of the 1st year of the corresponding academic session.
  2. A Student who does not register on the day announced for the purpose may be permitted, in consideration of any compelling reason. Late Registration is allowed within next Three Working Days on payment of a prevalent additional Late fine as prescribed by the University. Normally no Late Registration shall be permitted after the Third Working Day from the scheduled date.
  3. To be promoted in the Second Year & continue his/her Study in the Institution at the end of the First Year a Student must obtain at least 27 credits, out of 36 credits.
  4. Only those students will be allowed to appear in the second semester exam who have secured at least 11 credit out of 19 credit.
  5. To obtain a Semester Grade Point Average (SGPA) of not lower than 4.0 calculated on the basis of some combination of the best Grades obtained by him/her to attain the minimum 27 Credits.
  6. Before appearing in the final end semester examination a candidate must clear all the back semester paper and obtain 52 credits.
  7. Final result will be declared on the basis of 72 credits (including credits of all four semester and CGPA